Alternative Provision

Big Picture and Learning 3D Limited

Working together with our partners at Big Picture Learning UK, we deliver packages of support to Local Authorities, MATs and schools for learners at risk of exclusion and those young people in elective home education.

We work with primary schools to support the transition from KS2 to KS3 for vulnerable learners and their families.

We have a programme of intervention for learners in KS3 who have not made a successful transition, and as a result are now at risk of exclusion.

At KS4, we work with local employers to offer a programme of Internships to learners at the risk of exclusion and those who are currently elective home educated.

Workforce development is a key part of this process, and we are able to offer a 12-month long course for your team to gain a Level 3 qualification in Big Picture Advisory. This can be funded using the Apprenticeship Levy.

What our clients say...

At Big Picture Doncaster, we worked with the Advisors to develop their understanding of personal learning.

"The discussions with the course leaders were always in depth and pushed my thinking beyond where I would have left it. The frequency and quality of feedback given kept me on-track and challenged me to extend my thinking further." Advisors at Big Picture Doncaster

Intelligence is when you don't know what to do, you know what to do.

(Jean Piaget)