Spencer 3D SEND Mental Health

Spencer Education

Learning 3D have teamed with Spencer Education to develop a suite of tools, Spencer3D, which support education professionals, parents and young people in identifying strengths and areas for development, offering tips and help to support. These tools are currently being piloted in a range of schools across the UK and Middle East.

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Big Picture UK Doncaster

Big Picture Learning UK

Learning 3D provide workforce development to the existing and new Advisors, re-shaping their understanding of learning and its' development in young people.

Learning 3D have also helped to shape the business model for the future of Big Picture in the UK and we are currently supporting Big Picture to embed their philosophy in some state schools in the Doncaster area.

LVS Ascot Clean Visioning Learning 3D

Clean Visioning at LVS

Our challenge from LVS Ascot school was to help them create cultural and organisational change in teaching and learning, moving from a traditional school model to a blended learning approach. We used our Cleaning Vision approach, both in person and remotely, to help them achieve this.

Hall Cross Transforming Learning Learning 3D

Hall Cross Academy, Doncaster

Learning 3D helped the Hall Cross Academy team to alter the way in which they work with their most vulnerable students.

National College Transforming Learning Learning 3D

The National College of Teaching

Learning 3D produce webinars for the National College of Teaching's library of continued professional development, winning 5 star reviews.

To view the webinars, join the National College here.

Stirling Education Coaching Developing People Learning 3D

Stirling Education Iraq

Following our site visit to Stirling schools in Iraq, Learning 3D devised a leadership programme for Headteachers and Education Directors across the group.

Learning 3D provided professional support to assist Stirling Education in acquiring their first UK school.