Tools to support mental health, learning and cognitive development

Spencer3D is a holistic suite of web-based tools to support young people. They provide assessment, intervention and management of mental health, development and learning difficulties, attributes and skills for learning.

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Spencer3D for Parents is a tool to support parents in understanding the behaviours of their children. Its main purpose is to help parents understand what their child is having difficulties with, but more importantly, to give them practical advice and strategies to use to support their child.

Getting support from professionals such as clinical psychologists, or CAMHS can be incredibly hard as their services are often stretched. Spencer3D Professional is a specially designed tool to assess and support the mental health, wellbeing and cognitive development of learners.

It helps education professionals understand what their learners are having difficulties with, but more importantly, provides them with advice and guidance on how to support the learner's needs.

A tool for education professionals that specifically focuses on children under the age of 6.

Like Spencer3D Professional, the app helps teachers to better understand the children in their care, identifying their strengths and areas of difficulty, and providing strategies and recommendations on how to manage these difficulties and help the child develop appropriately.

Depressed teenager - Supporting mental health

Spencer3D Young Person is a tool to help young people manage their mental health worries.

We've developed this tool to give young people a private and confidential space to get ideas and support if they are struggling with their mental health. As well as helping them think about what problems they might be having, Spencer3D Young Person gives advice and practical strategies to use to help improve their mental health.

Jigsaw - fitting education elements together

Spencer3D ASK Learner assesses the attributes and skills of learners, which impact on their learning behaviours.

A series of questions identify their strengths and areas for development, providing tips and strategies to help them strengthen their areas for development. The tool helps learners to develop their metacognition and understanding of self.

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Spencer3D ASK identifies a pupil’s unique strengths and their areas for development using a series of simple questionnaires.

The results can be used to start coaching and learning conversations between the learner and the educator.

What our clients say...

"Spencer3D is a great tool for teachers. It offers helpful, practical suggestions for strategies and interventions that teachers can implement in their classrooms." Jennifer Harrell, SENDCO

"As we prepare our learners for a return to full time mainstream education both ASK and the full Spencer professional diagnostic tool are invaluable in devising recommendations for support that will enable schools to continue the work and ensure continued success for the young person." Colin Goffin, Principal Big Picture Doncaster