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School-wide Development Programs

We work with schools to develop their people, their culture, and their use of technology to better support learners - making learning personal for every learner.

Our Services

Developing a Learner Focused Culture

Your culture is your biggest asset for change in a school. It can multiply your effort, or it can thwart it. We can help you build a "culture-by-design" that supports your educators and learners to maximise their success.

Coaching Culture

Self-Determination Theory tells us that positive affect (emotional wellbeing) is achieved when three key psychological needs are met. Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness. A coaching culture, a culture in which students and staff are guided and encouraged to become the best version of themselves, can satisfy all three.

Get in contact to find out how a coaching culture can work in your context.

Blended Learning

Technology won't replace educators, but educators can use technology to support their practice across teaching, learning, and assessment. Technology can be your ironman suit of armour - extending your ability to present new content, meaningfully assess, collect and interpret data, and support student progress to super human levels.

All of that starts with a Blended Learning approach, seamlessly integrating technology with the learning process. Talk to us to find out how to do it!

"AI isn't going to replace professionals, but professionals who use AI might replace professionals who don't."

- inspired by this article from the Chartered Institute of Computing

Learner Focused Learning

Built upon the foundation of Mastery Learning, Self-Paced Learning and Metacognition, and Collaborative Learning Approaches, our Learner Focused Learning framework can help your school to evaluate its systems and processes and re-focus your attention on the learners.

Our founders have over two decades of experience developing Learner Focused Learning cultures: we can help you fast track your school on the road to success.


Frequently asked questions...

I'm a HOD / SENCo / Progress Leader, can you still help?

Yes! We're happy to run CPD for groups of any size. Whilst we believe the best approach to achieving change is developing whole-school culture, we can help develop cultures within individual responsibility areas too.

Won't our staff just see this as the latest "SLT fad?"

That's exactly what we are looking to avoid by developing culture, as opposed to simply focusing on practice / techniques. Change in education so often falls flat because it's seen as an "add-on" to what schools and teachers do already. Instead, we'll work with you to re-design your culture from the ground up, we'll help you to set goals, to secure buy-in amongst your staff, students, and parents, and identify concrete and measurable steps to move your school forward as one. We also understand that every context is different, we'll work to identify and help you overcome the barriers that you might face in your context.

"Learner Focused Learning sounds great in theory, but it would never work in my school!"

We disagree! We're yet to find a context in which Learner Focused Learning doesn't work. Get in touch and we can chat more about what you think the barriers will be and how we can help you overcome them.

Still have a question?

If you haven't found what you're looking for in the FAQs, don't hesitate to get in contact to ask your question!

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