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Learning 3D

Making learning work for every learner by developing...





We're an education consultancy dedicated to supporting every learner to maximise their potential. Get in touch to find out how we can help you!

who we are

We're an education consultancy dedicated to making learning work for every learner.

We work with schools to develop their people, their culture, and their use of technology to better support learners.

Making learning personal for every learner.

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We offer the 'Level 4 Learning and Skills Mentor' apprenticeship funded through the Apprenticeship Levy. At no additional cost, schools can upskill their learning support staff.


what we offer

Helping you to develop a school context that supports all learners.

Whole-School Development Programs

School culture can be your biggest asset in building a system of support for your learners. Talk to us about creating a "culture by design".


Technology for Learning

We can help you use technology to support learning. Whether it's finding the right platform, building a pedagogy that makes effective use of technology, or developing custom tools, we can help.


"Learning and Skills Mentor" Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship focused on helping students learn to learn, at no cost to the school or staff member!

Content Hub

Access the latest thinking in learner-focused education in our Content Hub!

Spencer 3D

A tool to help translate classroom behaviours into actionable and manageable recommendations for teachers.

Content Hub

Our News

Catch up on all our latest musings and thoughts below.

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Dedicated to Improving the Lives and Futures of Young People

Chris McShane

Ex-Secondary Head, Current CEO

Learning 3D

Meet the Team

Our key competency is helping to build a learner-focused learning model.

A model of learning that supports every child as an individual, that supports every child to maximise their learning and their future potential.

Meet the rest of the team

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Clare Dickinson

Ex-Primary SLT, Current COO

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